Carpet Cleaning Life Hacks

The first cleaning tip that will help you lessen the stress of taking care of a dirty carpet will be practicing the proper techniques and stroke on how to remove stains, dirt, and grime. People’s usual reaction to getting rid of unwanted marks will be to rub it with a clean or damp cloth. However, the circular motion will not reverse the effects, but it will just spread the stain, and it will look a lot worse than it initially looked. Instead of rubbing the marks away, try getting a cloth marinated in the cleaning solution, and dab the marked areas. This will allow the material to seep up the cloth, instead of spreading and making it larger in diameter.  

 Carpet Cleaning

If you are the type of person to throw a lot of dinner parties or drinking sessions. Then you probably have experienced a lot of spilled glasses of wine or beer, and sometimes you just leave it there to age because you are not sure how to clean it properly. If you have tried using all the different carpet cleaning materials to no avail, then don’t lose hope because you probably haven’t club soda to do the trick. Club soda works perfectly against alcoholic beverages, all you need to do is put it in a spray bottle, and put a few sprays on the mark and let it rest. It will allow the stain to lessen the grip on the carpet material, and using a sponge; you can soak up the stain with ease.  

Chewing gum that gets stuck on the carpet is one of the worst things to happen to your carpet, and that’s because that gum can stick to the fibers of the rug quickly. Also, when you don’t act soon, it can be almost impossible to remove it because it is like it has fully incorporated itself to the carpet. Not a lot of people don’t know about this, but leaving ice over the piece of gum will help loosen the grip by freezing, and you will have an easier time removing it from the carpet.  

One unique way of cleaning a carpet of different stains will be using a clothing iron. All you have to do is put a towel over the stained area, and run the iron continuously over the cloth. The heat should turn the solid content of the stain into liquid form, and once this happens, the stain should transfer to the towel immediately.   

If you aren’t confident with your cleaning potentials, then it will be best to hire Rockford carpet cleaners to help finish the job. Some people prefer to clean their carpets because it will save money. However, they can risk damaging the carpet, and it will cost a lot more to buy a brand new carpet. With hiring professional carpet cleaners, you will be properly maintaining your carpet, and allowing it to extend the shelf life so you can enjoy extra comfort in your home for a more extended period.  


What Carpet Should you Use? 


There is one common fact that everyone knows about carpets and this is the truth that there are some colors of carpet that are easier to clean that others. You do not need to as smart as Einstein or as clever as Rutherford because this is easy, simple and straight-forward. But, you also have to keep in mind that the pattern, the materials, the texture, the number of people in your home and your own version of cleanliness will also matter in this subject.


It is not always true that a black carpet is way easier to clean as compared with white carpets. But there are also times when you should need a white carpet. You could use a white carpet in your laundry area because you are going to use whitening products such as bleach and this is very dangerous when this drops at your black carpet because it will cause you more money to replace it over and over again. In cases like this, you could say that black does not always work and you have to always remember than when choosing for the right color.

For spaces that there a lot of people passing by every minute and every hour, they need a carpet that would hide the dirt that came from the shoes of the passers-by and the dust that would come in unexpectedly in an open or public space. They should really choose a dark colored carpet with patterns that would help them keep  the dirt away from the eyes of the people so that they would not need to clean it every time there will be someone who is going to pass by their carpet. This is applicable to public spaces for example, venue, offices, hotel, airports, restaurants and the like.

If you are having a hard time choosing then we are glad to be of help to you because we have listed a couple of rules in choosing the right carpet for your space.

You should consider how vulnerable is the space of dirt and other stains?  You should really think about this because if your answer is that the carpet is very vulnerable of stains from food, waste from pets and others, then you should really pick the one that would mask the stains in your carpet so that there will be no need to follow through the image of the carpet every minute of your day. But, if the space is free of any foot traffic then you could choose lighter colored carpets and this would look good and the room will appear more spacious than it actually is.

What kinds of stains are possible?  This is similar to the example given above, as you could notice, we gave you an advice that you should not put dark colored carpets to those area that are going to exposed to chemicals like bleach so that it’s quality and appearance would not be damaged in any way.

If you are interested for more expert advice, call the carpet experts or visit their websites like and so much more that you could find on the web.